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Installing Aptana Studio Betas

These versions of Aptana Studio are pre-release software. Back up your project before using! You may download a release candidate installer, or update to a specific stream by following the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Product Versions Stable Release Candidate Beta Nightly
Aptana Studio (plugin) N/A
Aptana Studio (standalone) N/A

Release Candidate Installers ()

installer installer 32-bit zip | 64-bit zip

Update Sites

Updating Studio

If you want to update to a particular version, you can use the URLs above to update to a specific version.

    (master branch)
  • Release Candidate: Releases just about to be pushed to stable. In final QA. (master branch)
  • Beta: Pre-production, in various states of being tested. En route for next release. (release branch)
  • Nightly: The latest version, hot off the build server. No testing. (development branch)
  1. Select Preferences
    • On Windows, Preferences are found under the Window menu.
    • On Mac, Preferences are found under the Titanium Studio menu.
  2. In Preferences, expand the Install/Updates arrow and select Available Software Sites.
  3. Click the add button, and add an update site listed above.
  4. Save your changes, and exit the preferences dialog.
  5. Go to the Help menu, and select Check for Titanium updates. You should see a new update posted. Follow the instructions in the dialogs.