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SDK and Studio (3.2.0.v20130412191647)

You can either download the 3.1.1 version of Titanium Studio here, or update your existing version to 3.1.1

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  1. Download and install VMware Fusion for Mac or VMware Player for Windows. This is for the BlackBerry 10 simulator. We have tested using the most recent version 5.0.0.
  2. From the BlackBerry developer site download and install the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK.
  3. From the BlackBerry developer site download (scroll a bit down the page) and install the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Simulator.
  4. On Mac start up the simulator by running the following command: BlackBerry10Simulator-BB10_0_09.vmwarevm. The command is typically located at ~/Virtual Machines.localized/BlackBerry10Simulator-BB10_0_09-386, though it will also install by default an alias on your desktop.
  5. When the simulator starts up in the lower left side of the simulator display is an IP address--please note the number.


  1. Launch Titanium Studio
    • Copy the URL of the SDK from the link under the platfrom logo.
    • Follow the instructions here. That link also contains instructions on how to download continuous integration builds from the "master" branch (3.1) if you are targeting a specific fix.
    • In the BlackBerry NDK Home box put the path to the NDK downloaded in step 2. It by default lives in /Applications/bbndk on Mac.
    • In the Simulator IP box enter the IP address you noted in step 5.

Running on the Emulator

Create a new Titanium project, choosing BlackBerry as one of the platforms. Select the project in the project explorer, select the Run drop down and choose BlackBerry Simulator.

Running on Device

  1. Make sure that the device IP in the preferences match the one you get once you turn on the Development Mode on the device (usually
  2. Add the path to the file. For information on acquiring signing keys and creating the file see the BlackBerry developer site. Note the key store password.
  3. Click the project in the project-explorer. Then click the green Run icon on the project-explorer and select Run on BlackBerry Device.

Distributing your Application

  1. In the Titanium Studio Preference Panel enter the key store password from step 2 above.
  2. Select the location of where you want to place your signed application.
  3. From the project-explorer select Distribute.

Training Videos

Introduction to Titanium BlackBerry 10 development